Pearl Knowledge

Fresh water Pearls Today
Today, beautiful freshwater pearls are available in a multitude of colors and sizes. They have become a mainstay in the fine jewelry market. Continuous improvements in quality have allowed them to almost rival their saltwater counterparts.
History and Cultivation
Historical records show that freshwater blister pearls were the first the be successfully cultured over 700 years ago. Thse blister pearls that were grown against the sheel of the mussels. The mussels were carefully nurtured and became beautiful adornments. Figures of Buddha as well as other shapes were very popular.
Freshwater Pearls At a Glance

 Mussel  Common Name

Mussel Scientific Name

 Overall Size Range

 Average Size Range

Growth Time

 Triangle Shell

Hyriopsis cumingi

 3mm to 10mm


 2 to 6 years